Levent Aksüt = Yaşar Marulyalı | UMO Architeture – USKON – Çelik Yapı, the third book of the Pelin Derviş Publication Project, examines the long-term professional partnership of architects Levent Aksüt and Yaşar Marulyalı.

Levent Aksüt and Yaşar Marulyalı are two architectural partners with a unique place in Turkish architecture. Their friendship began when they studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University (1948-1953). In 1955, they founded their architectural practice, UMO Architecture, which is still active today. This long-standing partnership alone is enough to make them special. However, they also have a special place because of their contributions to the architectural environment in Türkiye, especially in construction technologies. In 1979, they founded USKON Space Frame System Construction Industry and Commerce Co. Inc. and in 2000, Çelik Yapı (a steel construction company). The principles they set for the companies they founded to be both durable and innovative are also of great importance. Each of them is also a story of institutionalisation.

This book, which takes the reader through the architectural journey of Levent Aksüt and Yaşar Marulyalı from their university days to the present day in a structure interwoven with personal anecdotes, also reflects the changes that have taken place in the architecture and construction sector in Türkiye. The components of the book are the environment in which they received their education, their influences, the principles they acquired, how they transferred them to their own practices, professional organisations and architectural culture, and what they added to it. The book, which opens with a review by Doğan Tekeli, one of Türkiye's leading architects, is divided into two main parts. In the first part, we get to know Levent Aksüt and Yaşar Marulyalı, learn about their architectural education, trace their contributions to architectural culture and learn about the activities of UMO Architecture, USKON and Çelik Yapı. The second part is a catalogue of biographies, project indexes, a list of awards and a selected bibliography.

Editor Pelin Derviş
Graphic Design Gökçe Genç & Erman Yılmaz, Informal Project
Publisher Pelin Derviş Publication Project in collaboration with USKON, Istanbul (March 2024)
Print Ofset Yapımevi
ISBN 978-625-44346-3-1
Language Turkish
22 x 27 cm
416 pages
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